The most sensitive pregnancy test

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         Nowadays, women don’t need to wait for a pregnancy sign to find out if they have conceived or not, because they have the most accurate way to find out the truth within their reach: the pregnancy test. As you probably know, there are two types of pregnancy tests: clinic tests(based on blood) and home tests(based on urine); due to their advantages most women prefer home pregnancy tests (the most important advantages are their lower price and the possibility to find out if you are pregnant in the privacy of your own home).

         It’s fairly easy to decide what type of pregnancy test to use when you see their advantages and you know what’s important for you, but how do you choose a certain test from so many brands? Of course that, like all women, you will want to get an accurate result as early as possible. But what features must a test have in order to satisfy your desire?

         First of all, for giving you an accurate result, your test should have a big level of accuracy; most of home pregnancy tests have an accuracy of over 99%, so the next important thing to look at would be its sensitivity. As you know, these tests’ role is to detect the presence and levels of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in a woman’s body, so a more sensitive test can detect a lower level of hCG, giving a more accurate result earlier then the less sensitive tests.

         Now, you are probably wondering: Which is the most sensitive pregnancy test? Well, it’s hard to say that because there are many tests with the same level of sensitivity, but it is known that the lowest level in the home pregnancy tests market is considered to be 20 mIUs. Now, if a woman is pregnant she should have an amount of around 25 mlU hCG in her body at 10 days after ovulation, 50 mlU at 12 days after and 100 mlU after two weeks; so the earliest accurate result can be given to you only by a test with a sensitivity level of 25 mlU or even with a smaller one.

         Usually, the pregnancy tests you can take from the drugstore can detect a pregnancy at 50 mlU – 100 mlU hCG, but you have the possibility to find more sensitive pregnancy tests online – with sensitivity levels as low as 20 mlU for example.

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