Missed period, but negative pregnancy test!

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     Although there are two ways to find out if they are pregnant or not(clinic pregnancy tests and home pregnancy tests), most women prefer home ones firstly because they are much cheaper and then because they offer them the possibility to find out the truth about the possible pregnancy in the intimacy of their own homes. When they choose a certain test, they expect it(as it is normal) to solve their problem and to give them an accurate result, but sometimes they can have surprises.

     What would you do, for example, if you would be in the following situation: missed period, but negative pregnancy test? What would you think? Are you pregnant? As most women decide to take a pregnancy test when they have a missed period, this situation is a very frequent one. But you don’t have to worry because there are many possible reasons for getting such a result although your period’s missing.

     In most cases it was proved that the test result was an accurate one although there was a missed period. The specialists have proven that a missed period is not necessarily the pregnancy’s consequence, but it can be also provoked by other things, like: a very stressful period, an organic illness or a sudden loss of weight. So, if you are in the previous situation, you should see if there could be one of those reasons and retest after a few days.

     On the other hand, a negative pregnancy test after a missed period could also be a false one. This doesn’t necessarily mean the test is not accurate, because there can be many external reasons, many of your possible mistakes which can lead to a false result. One of the most frequent mistakes regards the moment of taking the test. As they are very anxious to find out the truth, most women take it too early, therefore they get an inaccurate result.

     Other frequent mistakes are those regarding the way of taking the test. You have to be very careful when you take it and follow exactly its instructions so that you can avoid a false result. Some of your possible mistakes could be:

  • you read the test result too late and that second line which is supposed to indicate you that you are pregnant could already be evaporated
  • the test stick was not saturated enough with your urine
  • the cup you are using it for you urine could have soap or detergent leftovers which can also compromise the result.

     As you can see, there could be many reasons for being in the frequent situation of a missed period but a negative pregnancy test; however, if you are still impatient you should see a doctor and find out what really happens.

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