How Soon After My Period Can I Get Pregnant?

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Some women are struggling to get pregnant, others are worried not to – no matter which side you are on, you’re probably going to be interested in answering yourself “how soon after my period can I get pregnant ?

To know the answer to this question, you must first know your menstrual cycle’s length. Usually, it’s 28 days, but in some cases it can slightly differ. If you’re on a 28 days period, it’s pretty easy to figure this out.

The 28 days are counted starting with the first day of your period; ovulation takes place the 14′th day. Considering this, and knowing how many days your menstruation lasts(4-8) you can easily figure that soon after it comes a pretty fertile period for you – we know the fact that sperm can live for 4 to 7 days inside your cervical fluid.

With all these being said, we can easily conclude that you can get pregnant immediately after your period – or even during it – so if you’re trying to conceive, get to work! Also, if you don’t want a baby, protect yourself right after your period to decrease the risk of an unwanted pregnancy; condoms are the contraception method with the highest success rate.

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