How Long After You Stop Taking Nuvaring Can You Get Pregnant ?

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If you’ve used Nuvaring for a while and you’ve decided it’s time to take the big step and get pregnant, you’re naturally wondering “how long after you stop taking Nuvaring can you get pregnant?”.

Nuvaring is a monthly vaginal birth control ring that delivers a low dose of hormones every single day – as a pill would – the difference being the fact that you don’t have to take it every day.

Facts about getting pregnant after Nuvaring vary from case to case(depending on your ovulation period and other factors); technically, you could get pregnant within a few days after taking it out. However, as in the pill’s case, it’s indicated that you have at least one normal period without birth control before trying to get pregnant.

With all of these being said, you must still consult a family planning doctor (ob-gyn specialist) before making a decision. Probably the most comfortable approach would be discussing the matter with the same doctor that recommended Nuvaring. Usually, these are very sensitive issues and decisions should be made based upon serious medical knowledge.

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