Fake pregnancy test – is it possible?

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         There are many women and men who want to know if a pregnancy test could be faked. Some women want to lie to their husbands or their boyfriends that they are pregnant and others want to lie to their parents, for example, that they are not pregnant. No matter who you want to lie to, there are many methods to get a fake result in both situations.


         Maybe there are not too many women who want to obtain a fake negative result, but for those who really want to should know that there are many ways to get it. The easiest way is to not use your urine when you take the pregnancy test. Another method is to take it very early, when you don’t have enough hCG to be detected (or you can simply not follow the testing instructions and make some major mistakes which would lead to a negative result).

         But most women and men want to find out if it’s possible to obtain a fake positive result. Well, the answer is.. maybe. There are many methods, but the most simple way to obtain it is to use a pregnant woman’s urine. If she is pregnant she surely has a big amount of hCG in her urine and the test will detect it and will give a positive result.

         Another method to fake a positive result is the usage of an ovulation detector. It looks very similar to a pregnancy test, therefore you could easily take an ovulation detector from its box and put it in the pregnancy test’s box and no one would notice the difference.

         Also, you can obtain a fake positive result by drawing it. You can simply take a pregnancy test and after you get the result (which is probably a negative one) you can literally draw beside the first pink line another one using a very sharp permanent marker, so nobody will notice the difference. You can also use the test’s line which generally shows if the test is working to get a second line, because, as you know, two lines signify you are pregnant.

         As you can see, there are many possibilities to fake a pregnancy test, but if you only want to do it to constrain somebody – you shouldn’t do it; not only because it is morally wrong, but because as we all know the truth usually comes up. But in the end, it’s your decision.

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