Early pregnancy test – first step

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         For most women, an early pregnancy test is the first step when their period’s late or missing or when they have some initial symptoms that they might be pregnant. They choose a pregnancy test because they want to be sure of the outcome, and they take an early one because they want to find out the truth as early as possible; that’s because an early prenatal care is very important for the health of their babies.

         There are two types of pregnancy tests: clinic tests and home tests, but due to their advantages most women prefer home ones; firstly because they give them the possibility to find out if they are pregnant in the privacy of their own homes and then because they are even cheaper than the others. As most women choose the home tests and they have to handle them themselves, many questions appear. The first and the most frequent one is: How early to take a pregnancy test?

         An early pregnancy test means how early to take it so you could get an accurate result. Well, for the most accurate result the doctors recommend to take it 2 weeks after ovulation(after the moment you think you have conceived), or the day you have missed your period; this is the perfect moment for getting the most accurate result, but you can get an accurate one earlier than those 2 weeks and you’re going to learn how.

         The earliest moment you can take a pregnancy test is the 7th day after ovulation. Earlier than that it’s almost impossible to get an accurate result because there is no hCG in your body to be detected by your test(pregnancy tests are working by detecting the hCG in a woman’s body). This hCG, also known as the pregnancy hormone, appears in a woman’s body only when she gets pregnant (or when she takes certain types of medicines which contain it). It is produced by the placenta only after the implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterine wall and, from biological causes, this does not occur until 6 days after ovulation. So, as there is no hCG to detect, your test will give you a negative result even if you are pregnant – if you take it too early.

         If your first step is to take an early pregnancy test, you should be very careful when you take it and follow exactly its instructions because any of your mistakes can lead to an inaccurate result. Also, make sure that the test you take is a more sensitive one because those can detect a smaller amount of hCG and, as you want to take it very early, those have more chances to give you an accurate result.

         As you can see, an early pregnancy test can be your first step, but you have to be careful how early you take it and also the way you take it or you may compromise its result.

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