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         Home pregnancy tests are used by most women when they want to find out if they are pregnant or not and therefore if their life is going to change or not. And it is fairly understandable why they use them: they have a lower price than clinic tests, they offer the possibility of an intimate result and you can simply buy it and then take it whenever you want to, when you have the courage. But there are so many pregnancy tests, so a question raises: Which is the best? (because we all want the best for ourselves)

         Well, considering the fact that they all are working by the same principle (detecting the presence of the pregnancy hormone in a woman’s body) it is very hard to say which is the best! Looking at the statistics, you can find some of the most used home pregnancy tests, but, certainly, you will not find out which of them are recommended by doctors and which not.

         It is very important to take a pregnancy test by a doctor’s reference for not having surprises. One example of the most recommended one is the Clearblue Pregnancy test – it is the most recommended brand by Doctors in the UK. Clearblue pregnancy test is clear, easy to use, and has an accuracy of over 99% from the day your period is due. It comes in two versions: the Clear Blue Easy Pregnancy Test and the Clear Blue Easy Digital Pregnancy test.

         As its name suggest, Clearblue Easy Pregnancy Test is a clear test and it is very easily to use: all you have to do is put the test stick under your urine stream until the color of the tip becomes pink, or for only five seconds, and then wait for only two minutes to see the result in the results window. If in this window a single blue line appears, then you are not pregnant – but if a second one appears too, then you are pregnant even if the blue line is a faint one.

         The second version, Clearblue Easy Digital Pregnancy Test, has the same instructions of using, but there is a big difference in the way you find out the result. This test gives you the possibility to read the result and not to interpret it. What does it mean? That means your result will be spelled out in will have the possibility to see either “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant” within 3 minutes from the time you take it. So, with such a clear result you will be sure of its output, without having to interpret any line.

         As a conclusion, Clearblue Pregnancy test is very used due to its big advantages: accuracy of 99%, easiness in use and the clearest possible result. However, be careful when you take it, because you can get a false result if you are taking it too early (you may not have enough pregnancy hormone to be detected).

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