After miscarriage pregnancy test

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A miscarriage is very hurtful for any woman and it’s very hard for them to pass over. It can become even harder when they get pregnant again; it’s very difficult to trust in her new pregnancy and she is very stressed not to make any mistake which could lead to such a result. But she shouldn’t feel guilty, because most of the times it’s not her fault. Unfortunately, this is a very frequent situation – which doesn’t depend on them – to succeed and get over this, they should talk with their health care provider.

Another problem which appears soon after a miscarriage is the difficulty of finding out if she is pregnant again or not, and inevitable they are wondering when they can take a pregnancy test after miscarriage and if  the pregnancy test after a miscarriage is an accurate one. There were many situations when women who have had a miscarriage get a positive pregnancy test soon after it, therefore they wonder if this result could be a correct one.

First of all, if you are in this situation, you have to know that even after you loose your pregnancy you still have the hCG in your body and a pregnancy test will still detect it until it will have completely disappeared. The hCG, known as the pregnancy hormone, is the hormone which appears in a woman’s body only when she gets pregnant and that’s how the pregnancy tests detect pregnancy – by determining its presence.

So as the hCG is still in your body after the miscarriage, your urine pregnancy test can give you a positive result for several weeks after that, but it is not necessarily an accurate one; this doesn’t mean you are really pregnant again. To find out if the presence of hCG in your body is from your previous pregnancy or from a new one you should do several blood tests in a row. If these tests show that the hCG level is dropping – it means it is from the previous pregnancy, but if they show it is rising – it means it is possibly from a new pregnancy. The doctors say that the after miscarriage – pregnancy test could be a false positive one for almost 3-4 weeks.

If you take several blood tests after the miscarriage and they show that the hCG level hasn’t changed too much since then, it rises the possibility to have an ectopic pregnancy. This is a serious problem and you have to see your doctor and tell him about your test result and find out what it means.

Fortunately, most women who have suffered an early miscarriage won’t have any problem with their future pregnancies. Even those who have had repeated miscarriages have 70-80% chances to have healthy pregnancies later.

As a conclusion, if you take a pregnancy test soon after a miscarriage it is very likely to get a positive result even if you are not pregnant; if you want an accurate result ,you have two possibilities: to take another test after 3-4 weeks or to take several blood tests in a row.

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