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         Most women prefer home pregnancy tests instead of clinic tests and that’s due to their low price and because they offer the possibility of finding out if they are pregnant from the privacy and comfort of their own homes. But there are too many home pregnancy tests so women are always wondering which is the best..Well, it’s pretty hard to say which is the best because some women consider the best test as being the cheapest one and others the most accurate one – but of course that there are other features that have a big importance.

         Considering certain statistics, we can say that one of the most used home pregnancy tests is Accu Clear Early Pregnancy Test. It is likely to be chosen due to its lower price, being one of the cheapest pregnancy tests, but also due to its accuracy, having an accuracy of over 99% (in laboratory testing).

         As all home tests, Accu Clear Pregnancy Test works by a simple principle: the detection of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in a woman’s body. This hormone(also known as the pregnancy hormone) appears in a woman’s body only if she is pregnant or if she is taking certain types of medicines. It is produced by the placenta before the implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterine wall, and this occurs after at least 6 days after ovulation. Therefore, until 6 days after ovulation it’s impossible to have hCG in your body and any test would give you the same result – a negative one, even if you are pregnant. So, Accu Clear Pregnancy Test can’t give you an accurate result until 6 days after ovulation – and neither do the other tests.

         Accu Clear Early Pregnancy Test – although is very easy to use – it also has some detailed instructions on the back of stick: all you have to do is to remove the test’s stick cap and to keep it under your urine stream for 5 seconds(but if you feel uncomfortable you can use a cup for your urine and put the test in for 5 seconds). Then, you have to wait for the result(which is also very easy to read): one line – not pregnant, two lines – pregnant. If your result test is a positive one it may appear in the results window in as early as 1 minute but if it’s a negative one you have to wait for 3 minutes before you can be sure.

         Accu Clear Early Pregnancy Test is not chosen only because of those advantages, but also because it can be taken any time of day and because it can give you an accurate result as early as the first day of a missed period. However, it would be recommended to take it with your first morning urine because it has a bigger amount of hCG and it is easier to detect; and it’s also recommended to wait a little longer before testing(at least 2 weeks from the fertilization moment).

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